Historic Hotel For The Family Vacation

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When people think of where to find US History, their minds often take them to the East Coast to the country’s founding. It is true. There is so much history in the New England states and the eastern seaboard as a whole. The museums and sites from Maine to the Carolinas are something worth seeing. If you haven’t taken your family on a tour of Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston or Charlotte or any of the great cities in the eastern United States, it is definitely worth doing. The trip will provide your family with so much interesting history that is a necessary rite of passage for citizens of this country.

Yet, visiting these states often leaves your wallet a little strapped. Everyone knows that things are a little more expensive in the East. The cost of the trip should not dissuade you from going. It merely means that you will have to find ways to save. For example, you may want to book a night in a chain motel rather than a historic hotel or bed and breakfast.

When you are forced to save money on the boarding side of your trip, you can miss a lot of what a city has to offer. Often when you stay in a chain motel, you are separated from the real soul of the city. A smaller, historic hotel can provide this and you get a real feeling what it is like to be a citizen of the area, past and present.


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